Beyond Boundaries We Go

DF Entertainment was founded in 2017 by SEAN GOH

DynoFam Entertainment (DFE) strives to establish a family of dedicated and passionate dancers. Together as one, we aspire to transcend boundaries and push limits to become the best versions of ourselves.

Dyno - comes from the word dynamic, which we felt best represented our motto “beyond boundaries”, breaking out of the mould and constantly improving. We hope to transcend from the past to the future, once again breaking boundaries that are unheard of.

Fam- We are eager to cultivate a strong family spirit in our studio. We place emphasis on building meaningful connections between people so that we can give those with similar passion, a place to come home to. We want our studio to be your second home.

Hence here we are as DynoFam Entertainment (DFE). Join us now and be a part of our big family!


Who we are


Sean Goh


Jacky Lim

Director of DF Academy

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