ASTRO – Again (Dance Ver) by (DFE-A)

Taeyeon – Why Cover (Dance Ver)
May 4, 2016
I.O.I(아이오아이) _ Very Very Very(너무너무너무) by DFE-C
August 10, 2017

Part I: Leaving

She’ll never tell you “I’m leaving”, but slowly inches away. It starts from talking till 4am in the morning, for neither of you could bear to tell each other “goodnight”, and it only ends when one of you fell asleep. Then it becomes a cold, single word reply, the last time you saw her online, a double blue tick.
She leaves like how she ends her conversations, without **SAYING goodbye. She leaves, and You watch her back fade away into another pair of arms, and she’s gone.
last seen:

Directed by: Sean Goh
Photography: Steven Rendi
Media: Sean Goh, Steven Rendi
Edited by: Sean Goh
Costume design: DFE-A
Performed by (DFE-A): Kenneth, Qijun, Marcus, Ernest, Susana, Lay
Special thanks: DF Academy Singapore

Link :

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